Trouvermonmaster: a unique platform for applying for a Master’s degree – 2023

This article discusses registration in masters starting from the next academic year 2023-2024, as for this year 2022-2023, nothing is changed, registration is by e-candidat plateforms or in contacting universities directly.

The portal trouvermonmaster

The Ministry of Higher Education wants to develop the Trouvermonmaster portal into a single application platform for the start of the 2023 school year, on the Parcoursup model. A consultation is launched in January 2022 to improve the portal and lead to this unique platform.

Currently, you must present your file to each university, via the eCandidat platform.
“The idea is to take over the structure of Parcoursup. Everything that is possible on Parcoursup should be on Trouvermonmaster. For example, request a break or apply alternately via another procedure in order to also apply for initial training “, explains Etienne Matignon, vice-president in charge of academic affairs at Fage (Federation of general student associations), who is part of the steering committee of this project. As on Parcoursup, you will have to validate a single positive answer while having the possibility of keeping wishes on which you would be pending.

From 2022, “the calendar for applications, responses from institutions and student enrollment will be harmonized, so as to advance the calendar and make it common to all masters”, specifies the Ministry of Higher Education.

A project postponed until the start of the 2023 school year

The Ministry of Higher Education had initially planned to launch this unique platform for selection as early as 2022, which implied a very tight schedule. What denounced several unions of teachers and students. Thus Fage and the SNESUP-FSU and Sgen – CFDT teachers’ unions, in favor of a single application platform, quickly warned of a lack of consultation and early implementation.

The wishes:

Among the trade-offs involved is the number of wishes that can be made. “There will be a maximum number of wishes. Probably ten but it is not certain. We do not know either if there will be sub-wishes”, specifies Christophe Bonnet, federal secretary of the Sgen-CFDT.

For his part, Hervé Christofol, representative of SNESUP-FSU, says he is unfavorable to this platform “which has the same ideological biases as Parcoursup, in particular the non-prioritization of wishes”. He also regrets the planned disappearance of the selection interviews in favor of a selection on file.

Like Parcoursup, information will be added to the platform, such as the expectations for each master’s degree and the success rate. A right to re-examine the application by the rector will also be created for students with disabilities.



Part of the article written By Amélie Petitdemange, published on December 23, 2021 on the website