The Union of Exiled Students is a non-profit organization created under the 1901 law “by and for” exiled students. At the UEE, we defend the access of exiled people to higher education and work to develop favorable study conditions. The term “Union” refers to the gathering of students exiled from their countries for political, economic, humanitarian, or climatic reasons.

Today, going back to school and entering higher education in France as a person in exile is such a complex journey.

We therefore offer various services, in our office in Paris or online: help with university orientation, support and monitoring of registration procedures, workshops to present French studies and methodology.

Our action aims to help exiled students in their registration and integration procedures in higher education institutions in order to give them the keys to their own success.

The Union is based on 4 areas of work:

Communication and information:

On our website, we offer a detailed step-by-step description of the enrollment pathways as well as the scholarship access procedures.

Our Facebook page serves as a platform for exchange and discussion within our online community

Individual support: in our office or remotely:
We welcome you to our office by appointment only, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This support can be face-to-face in the Refugee House or remotely (zoom, skype) depending on availability and place of residence.

Collective training:
In order to offer full support, The Union of Exiled Students sets up various workshops to introduce and initiate students into the French education system within different structures (university, social center, associations). The goal ? Allow a better understanding of the expectations and procedures for accessing higher education.

In connection with our previous activities, the UEE is also working on various advocacy projects. Our objective ? Improve the conditions of access for exiled students to higher education! This requires changes in university policies but also in public policies.

For who?

Exiled people
Residing in France
Wishing to resume higher education

The principles and objectives of the Union

Believing in the need for equal opportunities, the Union calls and works for positive discrimination and fairness to provide the tools and means necessary for exiled students to succeed in their university career.

The Union’s aim is to ensure the continuation of the exiled’s struggle for his/her cause, the cause which made him/her a refugee.


The principles of the Union of Exiled Students:
No one is illegal
Access to education is a fundamental right
Involvement of exiled students in decision-making processes.


The objectives of the Union of Exiled Students:
– Represent exiled students in universities, colleges, institutes and unions, as well as in cultural and political associations.

– Encourage universities and colleges to welcome exiled students.

– Develop reception programs for exiled students in public establishments.

– Guarantee a free or almost free registration for those who cannot pay it.

– Guarantee a scholarship and accommodation for exiled students, without conditions.

– Coordinate and communicate with university establishments and organizations or collectives working in the field to provide the tools and means for success by:

  • Set up well-organized and effective FLE courses in the universities where the exiled students are located.
  • Find ways so that exiled students can receive lecture notes, videos or recording systematically sent by a person appointed by the institution.
  • Negotiate with the institution to give support courses to exiled students.
  • Facilitate the integration of exiled students into student life.
  • Communicate and coordinate with student associations for projects and events.
  • Assign psychological support units and social workers.
  • Coordinate with Pôle emploi or CROUS services to find internships or student jobs.
  • Communicate with companies, organizations and establishments to find work-study programs for exiled students.

– Work in contact with associations and collectives for the rights of exiles.

– Mobilize around activity to defend the rights of exiled students.

– Inform exiled students about their rights and the various possibilities offered according to their status by creating information documents on all subjects related to resuming studies.


Are you an exiled living in France? Do you want to resume your studies in France but do not know where to find information? Contact us!
The Union of Exiled Students team will guide you through the various studying options available!