Parcoursup and DAP green folder (dossier vert)


Parcoursup, what is it?

Parcoursup is the national platform for pre-enrolment in the first year of higher education in France.

Who is concerned by Parcoursup ?

High school students, apprentices, students looking for a reorientation who wish to enroll in the first year of higher education (Licences, STS, IUT, CPGE, engineering schools, nursing training institutes, social work training institutes, training offered through apprenticeships, etc.) must compile a file and make wishes on Parcoursup.

However, the following are not concerned :

  • students repeating their first year (they must directly re-register in their institution)
  • international candidates subject to a prior application for admission (DAP)

What is the process?

The Parcoursup platform allows :

  • to create your pre-registration file
  • please find information on the various higher education courses: each time you select a course, its characteristics are displayed, including the knowledge and skills expected, the maximum number of students accepted, and the general criteria for applications.
  • to enter your wishes for further studies without filing them and to complete your file with the elements requested by the courses you have chosen
  • to confirm your wishes so that they can be examined by the University department responsible for the courses you have chosen
  • to receive proposals for admission of courses and to respond within the time limits indicated


Information to enlighten you in your choices

For each course/degree, you will find in Parcoursup :

  • the dates of the open houses or immersion days or weeks organized by the institutions you are interested in.
  • contacts to exchange with a pedagogical manager, an advisor, or a student ambassador for the requested degree/course.
  • a precise description: the courses’ organization, the proposed paths to success, the success rates, the openings, the capacities of reception, information for the candidates in situations of handicap, the minimum rates for scholarship holders, etc.
  • Expectations: the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.
  • the general criteria for the examination of vows.


DAP Green Folder ‘’dossier vert’’

To enroll in the first year of a bachelor’s degree in a French university, an application for prior admission (DAP) is mandatory for foreigners holding a foreign high school diploma.

What are the terms and conditions of registration 2020-2021?

The form (“green file” – ‘’dossier vert’’) concerns candidates who do not have French nationality, are not holders or future holders of the French or European Baccalaureat, and reside in France.

In some cases, candidates must take a paid language test (the price is 72 euros).

What documents are required for the green file – ‘’dossier vert’’?

  • prior application for admission to undergraduate registration in a French university
  • fiche-temoin – record to be kept by the first university
  • response from the first university
  • fiche-temoin – record to be kept by the second university
  • response from the second university
  • fiche-temoin – record to be kept by the third university
  • response from the third university
  • language verification tests
  • registration form for the French knowledge test – TCF – test de connaissances de Français
  • receipt – récépissé

What are the application review procedures and response delays?

There are changes in the application review process and timeline compared to previous years.

Your application is examined at the same time by the 3 universities you have requested. These universities will inform you of their acceptance proposal by April 30 at the latest. They will be able to inform you, if necessary, of any proposed exemptions that you may benefit from.

You have one week to give your answer to the university that has sent you an acceptance proposal, i.e., by April 30 at the latest. If there are several proposals, you will have to make a choice. Failure to respond by May 7 is equivalent to a rejection of your application.

Please note: These documents must be sent to the three universities.

This file, accompanied by the requested supporting documents (see the documents that make up the explanatory note), must be handed in, or sent, duly completed to the universities by the January 17, 2020 deadline.

Who are the international students not concerned by the preliminary admission and the green file?

Candidates who do not have French nationality, are not holders or future holders of the baccalaureat, and who wish to enroll in a French school of architecture must use a special form to apply for admission

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