Tools to better learn French

Written and prepared by Ahmad Mojahed


French is considered an easy language to learn, or at least, a language that is not difficult (like Indian, Chinese or Arabic, etc.). So in this article, we will give you some tools to help you progress in French without even having to leave your home.


Focus on pronunciation :

Pronunciation is an important way to understand and be understood. If you don’t have any way to help you pronounce correctly, you still have Google Translate. By using it, you will be able to hear how to pronounce the word in English.

Sites to help you.


Always try to practice French with people:

Speaking in French refreshes the memory. If you don’t have the opportunity or you don’t dare to integrate into a French-speaking community, you can always attend conversation workshops organized by libraries or associations that still have volunteers working at these workshops all over France.

Work on listening :

Audio: listen to the radio regularly, even if you don’t understand everything. Listening allows you to familiarize yourself with the language, listen for at least a quarter of an hour a day. There are several radio stations that you can follow according to your interests (France Info, RFI, France Blue, France Culture, France International, etc.); their applications are available for Android and IOS.


Also, radio RFI gives you listening comprehension exercises.

You can watch French movies or movies in the French version. This will often allow you to listen to complete dialogues.

There are always films in the French version on the Arte channel, on Canal+, and Netflix.

On, you can watch French films with French subtitles for free.


Reading in French: there are, of course, books and novels adapted to FLE learners. Here are a few examples that you can order online or find in the library :


Reading in easy French.

International Key

At the level of grammar :

Conjugation: to make conjugation easier, you can use the Bescherelle Conjugation (a small book) or the application La Conjugaison that you can download on your cell phone conjugates verbs in all tenses and verbal modes.

The gender (masculine or feminine) :

A question that is always difficult for the learner of French. A good way of learning is to download the application “Le La,” which classifies vocabularies according to their gender, masculine or feminine.

Some sites to help you with grammar:

French space

French for all

However, these tools are not enough. If you wish to have a good French level, you need a fairly classical learning method taught in universities or language institutes.

Finally, you should know that there are no magic methods valid for everyone. Quite the contrary: everyone has their own method and can learn the language in a certain way. This article aims to give you some tools and make you think and define your own method to apply it to better progress in French.