Liability insurance for students

Did you unintentionally break a college friend’s glasses or accidentally hurt someone? Do not panic, if you have civil liability insurance which, let us remember, is different from home insurance, this one will have you covered. This is also the case for almost all of the damage you could be responsible for during your student life. Here are some details.

Liability insurance, a protection that covers all incidents of private life?

Liability is required from the first enrollment in most higher education institutions. It is also compulsory insurance during internship. “It covers you for bodily, material and immaterial damage that you risk causing to a third party in almost all of your private life : at university or school, in your sports activities and in your jobs (private lessons, babysitting, etc.) “, specifies Benjamin Biale, general manager of the student mutual health insurance HEYME.

The civil liability guarantee replaces the person responsible to compensate the victim. In the absence of insurance, you will have to take care of the compensation yourself.

Here are some examples for which Civil Liability covers you:

  • You involuntarily break your teacher’s projector;
  • During the internship, the equipment loaned by the company have been stolen from you;
  • You inadvertently jostle a comrade, who breaks his arm.

What are the guarantees of a Civil Liability insurance contract?

Civil Liability covers three types of damage to others : bodily (physical injuries), material (breakage of an object), or immaterial (attack on the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss). The contracts also cover damage caused, for example, during summer vacation. All for very affordable prices. “Our Civil Liability pack costs 13 euros by year,” says Benjamin Biale.

On the other hand, intentional damage, those caused to yourself (covered by the subscription to complementary health insurance and/or to an Individual Accident guarantee insurance), and those occurring in a professional context, are excluded from this guarantee. Also you have to note that, the practice of extreme sports, or damage caused to a third party with your car or your new electric vehicle is not covered by Civil Liability insurance. You must then take out a specific insurance contract.

Personal insurance also valid for internships?

Yes. Student liability insurance covers damage caused to others during your internships in France and abroad, and internships / call duty that are carried out in the medical and paramedical sector.

What is the difference with home insurance?

This guarantee can be included in several types of insurance contracts, in particular in multi-risk home contracts. But these comprehensive home contracts do not cover all aspects of student life, such as internships or jobs. This should be checked by looking closely at the guarantees included in the comprehensive home insurance contract by the insurance company. “If it is possible to go through traditional insurers, it is better to take out student insurance, because these contracts are designed to optimally cover the scope of your activities“, advises the CEO of HEYME.

The civil liability certificate: who can ask you for it?


  • University / school. The liability insurance certificate is one of the mandatory documents to validate your registration. This insurance is also required for any school trip outside the establishment (cultural visit, language trip, etc.).
  • The company that welcomes you for an internship. On the other hand, in an employee contract, it is the company that necessarily takes care of this coverage (professional civil liability).


  • Your occasional employers (private lessons, babysitting, etc.).
  • Club or sports course. But this insurance is often included in the price of the subscription or license. However, remember to check the details of the activities covered by the insurer.