Opening of the DU Program at UPEC 2021-2022

The UPEC DU program for students in exile is only possible for students with a minimum B1 entry level (therefore A2 already validated). It is of course possible to integrate the program at level B2 and C1 as well.
If you think you already have level A2, you must first register on the form before July 15th:


After registering on the UPEC website, you must then complete this specific form below for Passerelle candidates. Pre-selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. A French test will also be organized in September:

We remind you that the Passerelle program at the University of Créteil is not (yet) a DU Passerelle, but a device integrated into a DUEF (University Diploma of French Studies), which does not give easy access to the CROUS housing and does not imply the award of a grant based on social criteria.

We also remind you that the Passerelle program includes 20 hours of lessons per week during a school year, so it is not possible to participate in the program and at the same time have a full-time job.

For more information on the Gateway program at UPEC, we invite you to follow this link:

Note: the Passerelle program is subject to validation by the university every year, so it is presented here subject to this validation.