Applications to DU RESPE (DU Passerelle from the Sorbonne University)


Sorbonne University

Note: The DU RESPE has become the DU Passerelle from the Sorbonne University

So you have the right to have a CROUS scholarship and maybe a CROUS housing if you are eligible.


The RESPE “Return to higher education for exiled people” at Sorbonne University is open to non-French speaking people with the equivalent of the baccalaureate and a B1 level in French (an online language test will be done at the time of application, as well as a classroom test).

This free course is intended for exiled people, regardless of their administrative status, who have an interruption in their studies. Female applications are encouraged.

It offers a course aimed at resuming studies with courses in French as a foreign language (FLE) preparing the B2 level, methodology courses, as well as a refresher course in Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics) and Humanities (English, Plastic Arts, History-Geography, Letters, Philosophy).

ATTENTION: The courses will take place from September to the end of May, every day in the evening (16h-20h). Attendance in class is mandatory to validate the DU. It is necessary to count on average 15 hours of presence on campus per week and 15 hours of personal work, that is to say, 30 hours of investment per week.

It is possible to apply from June 24, 2021, until July 4, 2021, at midnight (for the start of the school year in early September).

For registration, please fill out the form here.