Refugee graduates from outside the EU can contribute to the public health service

Refugee graduates from outside the EU can contribute to the public health service.

If you are a refugee in France, you can contribute to the public health service.

Article R. 6152-632 of the public health code specifies that the person in charge of the structure or one of his medical collaborators remains directly responsible for this attribution. They are not called physicians, but associate attached practitioners, and they participate in the activity of the public health establishment. As such, they can perform medical or pharmaceutical acts of current practice.

Therefore, refugees whose diploma has not yet been recognized are authorized to practice without full practice and under these conditions.

In the current context, health institutions can therefore have recourse to these practitioners under these same conditions.

Thus, any refugee with a diploma from outside the EU who practiced in his country of origin as a doctor, dental surgeon or pharmacist, has the possibility to mobilize to help the health institutions.

Two mechanisms are currently planned to collect applications from volunteers.

The health reserve :

The call was launched by Public Health France, aimed at all active health professionals (salaried, liberal), unemployed or retired, volunteers to come and reinforce the health system in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Find out more.

To make yourself known, register on the website of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The operation #Renforts-Covid :

the Île de France Regional Health Agency and the start-up MedGo have set up a platform to link healthcare institutions and people wishing to mobilize to support healthcare teams (students, professionals, or retirees). This platform has since been extended to other Regional Health Agencies. To register, go here.