Delayed start of the school year for some courses at the Faculty of Law of Lille

The Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences of Lille announces that it is exceptionally postponing the academic year’s start for the general bachelor’s and Master’s 1 degrees to September 28, 2020. This delay “to respond to the difficulties related both to the health crisis” and to the organization of courses and TDs, according to the faculty’s website.

The start of the academic year for the general bachelor’s and master’s degrees is therefore set for September 28, with a pre-entry of the first years on September 24 for the Bachelor’s degree in Law and on September 24 or 25 (depending on the health situation) for the Bachelor’s degree in AES and Political Science. However, some training courses may start in the 15 days before. This concerns Masters 2, professional licenses, or “minor health.”

This late start will have an impact on the vacations for the students concerned. “No pedagogical break on All Saints’ Day” indicates the University on its website.

The dates of the new academic year in Lille here