Business Studies in France

Studying business is very prestigious in France, as it opens an excellent door to the professional world.

Business studies allow students to acquire professional and technical skills in the worlds of commerce and sales. During your studies, it will be possible for you to specialize in finance, marketing, management, human resources, and more.

There are many training courses in commerce at Bac+3, Bac+4, and Bac+5 level, or even BTS. Indeed, these can be provided by universities, business schools, colleges, and high schools.

Positions that require a business degree are in demand, and young graduates from business schools starting their careers are also numerous.

Business schools and business colleges :

There are many business schools and business colleges, such as ESCP Business School, HEC Paris, EDHEC Business School, ESSEC, and ISG. They offer open courses based on a competitive examination and, after two years, preparatory classes. Nevertheless, some of these schools are increasingly opening post-baccalaureate programs. These schools are private, and the annual tuition fees are high.

Among the state-recognized schools that deliver 3-year diplomas are the EGC and the ESC.

EGC: In France, there are 22 business and management schools. These schools deliver a “diploma in business and management,” registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) at level II, equivalent to a master’s degree.

ESC: In parallel with their “Grande Ecole” program, 12 business schools offer 3-year courses after the baccalaureate. To be eligible for these bac +3, you must pass a competitive exam in the final year of high school (admission is subject to obtaining the baccalaureate). These bachelor’s degree programs also recruit students who have already completed one year of higher education.

Universities :

They offer bachelor’s, pro-bachelor’s, master’s, and specialized master’s programs in business. The tuition fees are identical to the university registration fees.

BTS and DUT :

There are also two-year BTS courses in France, which are offered by vocational or technological high schools, and DUT (University Diploma of Technology), which university institutes of technology offer.

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