Theater Studies in France

In this article, we will overview the possibilities of studying the professions relating to the stage and the organization of shows; schools and other parallel paths.

I.              The National Schools

The national schools are the most recognized but also the most difficult to access.

There are 10 National Schools of Higher Education that are considered the profession’s royal roads, and require prior experience in the theater world.

These schools do not limit themselves to the profession of actor. One school, ENSATT, in particular, offers training in costume design, lighting and sound design, directing, and stage design.

Other less prestigious national schools also provide quality education. The Theatre School of the National Theatre of Brittany-Rennes trains students in the heart of the theater and allows them to adapt and integrate more easily into the environment.

II.            The University

Universities offer training that is more theoretical than practical. However, they often offer the opportunity to go on stage or to participate in the show through associations and initiatives launched by students.

Students are trained in research and directing, but they also enroll to prepare for school competitions (acquiring a general culture that is welcome).

III.            The Conservatory

The national conservatory provides teaching of dramatic art through theoretical knowledge as well as a teaching of comedy.

However, this training is only accessible under certain conditions and through an entrance exam.

Municipal Conservatories exist, which are less selective but provide theater courses that allow acquiring a quality experience.

IV.            Private Schools

Private schools are many and varied. Unfortunately, no certification exists for these schools, so the selection is less rigorous and the entry is easier. Some are recognized by the profession, such as the Florent courses.

A list of the theater schools and universities :

Higher Schools :

The Superior School of Dramatic Arts of the National Theater of Strasbourg

The National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris

The National Higher School of Theater Arts and Techniques

Regional School of Actors of Cannes

School of the Dramatic Center of Saint-Etienne

National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Montpellier region

National Theatre School of Brittany

Higher School of Dramatic Art of the City of Paris

Higher School of Dramatic Art of the Theater of Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Universities :

Vincennes Paris 8

Sorbonne nouvelle Paris 3

Paris X-Nanterre

Regional conservatories :

Sources :