The recognition of a foreign diploma by ENIC-NARIC


The recognition of a foreign diploma is a procedure that evaluates the submitted foreign diploma against the French system of levels of education and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The equivalence principle between a diploma (or equivalent title) obtained abroad and a diploma (or equivalent title) issued by the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education does not exist in France.

The ENIC-NARIC Center France issues certificates of comparability.

Namely, the attestation of comparability is an official document, under the sole responsibility of the ENIC-NARIC Center France. This document has no legal value and is not mandatory. The final decision regarding an application for employment or further studies is the employer’s responsibility, the training institution, or any other administrative institution.

Certificate of comparability:

Generally speaking, the attestation of comparability considers the original diploma with all the characteristics of the educational system to which it belongs (duration of studies, academic prerequisites, etc.).


How is the attestation established?

Issuing an attestation is not so simple. The experts at the ENIC- NARIC Center France carry out specific research for each application submitted.

To do so, they are led to :

Consult official and specialized information sources and databases

Interviews with foreign competent services and other ENIC-NARIC network centers for exchange and sharing of expertise.

Contact administrative authorities in the country of origin to certify the diploma(s) in question (if necessary)

According to the Lisbon Convention, to establish a reliable and fair comparison of the foreign diploma with the French system, the ENIC-NARIC Center France experts use an analysis grid composed of 10 criteria established based on international texts and the good practices of the ENIC-NARIC network. Two (2) eligibility criteria and eight (8) assessment criteria are retained:

Eligibility criteria:

1- Recognition of the diploma by the State of the educational system to which it belongs

2- Status of the establishment in the country where it was obtained


  • Elements of appreciation
  • Formal indices
  • Bilateral or multilateral agreement
  • Relative place of the diploma in a national or international framework
  • The official length of studies
  • ECTS/credits

Prerequisites to enter the course/school.

  • Components of certification (knowledge, skills, learning outcomes)
  • Academic and professional opportunities
  • Quality References
  • Existence of an independent and external evaluation of the training or institution

Attestation of comparability is useful and important for :

  • Initiating procedures for further study at an institution of higher education should the latter request it.
  • Support and advocate job searches with employers to promote the foreign credential, especially if the intended occupation is not regulated.
  • The ENIC-NARIC France center issues certificates of comparability under certain conditions:
  • A diploma must be recognized by the country’s competent authorities (of origin) where the diploma was issued.
  • Diploma of academic and/or professional education
  • Existence of the diploma in the language of origin

ENIC-NARIC France does not issue certificates of comparability for :

Diploma of short duration courses (less than 6 months equivalent to 600 hours per semester on a full-time basis)

Diplomas attesting to an exclusively linguistic competence

Diplomas whose specialty is a regulated profession (e.g., doctor, lawyer, dentist, pharmacist, etc.).

Important for refugees :

The ENIC-NARIC Center France also adopts a specific procedure for the recognition of refugee diplomas. It is a flexible and adapted procedure based on the Lisbon Convention texts, Article VII – Recognition of qualifications of refugees, displaced people, and assimilated people.

Applications for recognition of refugee qualifications are treated as a priority and free of charge.

If you wish to apply, please click here.