Parcoursup 2020 news : Parcours+

In 2019, many candidates who were neither high school nor university students wanted to return to school registered on Parcoursup to apply for undergraduate studies.

Since the objective of Parcoursup is to orient candidates to the end of their secondary school studies or the first year of higher education, not all the requests of candidates returning to school could be met. This is why solutions were put in place at the local level to meet this new public’s needs and accompany the candidates concerned about relevant courses and degrees or services that could be outside Parcoursup.

What is Parcours+ ?

To extend this dynamic and better guide candidates returning to school towards appropriate solutions, the Parcoursup platform is setting up in 2020 with its partners, in particular the Ministry of Labour, the Regions, the Universities, France compétences (France skills: vocational training regulatory authority), a specific offer of information and guidance towards training or services for people who already hold the baccalaureat.

Depending on the needs expressed by these candidates when they register on Parcoursup, solutions that can meet their expectations will be identified, such as the offer of continuing vocational training or career development advice. These candidates will be able to consult sites where they will find practical information and useful contacts. If they wish, they can also continue their registration on Parcoursup and express their wishes.

The Parcoursup+ service will be progressively enriched according to exchanges with the Ministry’s partners and rectorates involved in the field of continuing education.

To consult the Parcours+ service, it is here