Call for participation – Research-action – Union des Etudiants Exilés

The Union des Etudiants Exilés, an association that works for access to higher education for exiled people, is launching a call for volunteers to carry out a research-action on access to studies for exiled people.
We are mainly looking for students and teachers mainly, exiled or just committed to the cause of exiles in France.
In an action-research perspective, the objective is to think about the questions we will ask ourselves, to build and carry out interviews and to produce the analysis of the results in order to be able to build political demands together.
We are asking for a commitment over the first half of 2023 at a rate of about twice a month, which could be during the week and/or in the evening and/or in the weekend.
We plan a phase of framing of the research and training in survey and research techniques in early 2023.
Please send your name, contact details and a few words about yourself and your interest in the project to: (please include the subject “Action Research” in the email).