The University language diploma for students in exile (DU FLaVi) of the University IUT University of Paris – Rives de Seine


The Passerelle University Diploma in French Language and Culture is offered to students in exile in France regardless of their status (refugees, asylum seekers, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, etc.).

This DU benefits from the support of the DRIEETS Île-de-France and companies such as BNP Paribas and the AUF (Agence Française de Francophonie).

This training is offered only as a classic initial training



Train students in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) by allowing them to acquire level B2 of the CEFR in French

Developer of multicultural teamwork skills

Finding your bearings in the economic, legal and social environment

Obtain assistance with integration either at university or in the labor market

How are the studies organised?

This training takes place at the Paris IUT – Rives de Seine and includes 20 weeks (18 weeks of classes and 2 weeks of seminars), from January to June, at a rate of 3 days a week, from Monday to Wednesday inclusive.


Training content

The 350 hours of the FLaViC are distributed as follows:

Module 1: French Living Language for professional purposes (140 hours, broken down into: 70 hours of oral comprehension and expression and 70 hours of written comprehension and expression)

Module 2: French economic, legal and social context (50h)

Module 3: Theatrical communication techniques project (to promote public speaking) (60h)

Module 4: Socio-cultural project linked to the discovery of the associative world (survey of structures, field visits, etc.) (40h)

Module 5: Collective and intercultural activity seminars (2 weeks, i.e. 6 course days, 30 hours)

Module 6: PPUP (University and Professional Personal Project), i.e. orientation assistance with a view to continuing studies (10 hours) and personalized and individual follow-up for assistance with disciplinary academic integration (20 hours per student with a teacher of the discipline chosen for further studies).


More information in the training offer of the Paris Cité University, can be found HERE.

How to apply?

To apply you would need the following documents:

  • Residence permit OR passport (a proof of identity)
  • Attention of level of the French language B1 acquired
  • 2 personal photos
  • Certificate of accommodation OR electricity factor
  • Justification of BAC level studies – minimum -, or more (diplomas and transcripts)
  • Your up-to-date CV in French
  • Your motivation letter OR at least two paragraphs explaining your situation and why you want to register for this training.


Applications are submitted directly online on the eCandidat platform before October 15, 2022.