The DU for students in exile (DUPEX) – University of Caen Normandie

Presentation :

The Diplôme universitaire passerelle étudiants en exil (DUPEX) is a semester-long diploma program based on the Diplôme universitaire d’études françaises (DUEF) of the Carré international, which aims to teach or improve the French language. This DUPEX takes into account the specificity of the exiled public and its needs in terms of academic, cultural, administrative and social support: access to evening classes in foreign languages (from level A1 to level C1), preparatory support for the PIX digital certification, free access to a series of cultural events organized by the Carré international, personalized follow-up for professional integration. For the first time in the history of the Carré international’s semester-long university diplomas, enrollment in the DUPEX makes students eligible to apply for scholarships and housing based on CROUS social criteria.

The DUPEX is offered for the same levels as the DUEF (from A1 to C2) and is part of the French for University Purposes program.

It includes 273 hours over the semester, i.e. approximately 25 hours per week, 3 hours of which include workshops, outings or cultural activities.


Calendar :

The semesters are organized around 12 weeks of classroom courses and a mandatory week of exams.

Calendar 2021/22 to come.


Application :

Until Juin 2021