Study Cinema in France

Prepared and written by Adonis Bondok

The study of cinema in France is available in several ways. One of the most famous and easiest ways to register is at the universities. In France, there are more than 30 universities offering the license.
In Paris and its suburbs, there are around 5 universities, including Paris 8 in the city of Saint-Denis, Paris 3, Paris 1, and Paris 7.

The University of Paris 8 is one of the most important universities thanks to the excellent teaching staff, the diversity of lessons, and the consistency of quantity between theoretical and practical materials. There is a technical services office that allows the student to borrow photography equipment (cameras, microphones, lighting…) within the university framework. A montage room is also available two days a week during to work on projects. Cinema Hall is available to watch student movies and host movies from abroad, in addition to a library with DVDs and CDs of movies, music, interviews, and 14 large screens. It is the university that accepts the highest percentage of ex-pat students in its classes.

What is Cinema License 3 in Paris 8?

Highly based on theories such as film analysis, cinema history, cinema aesthetics, script, economy and production, cinema theories, etc…
They have practical materials such as directed exercises, and intensive courses in audio, photo, and montage given by specialists in the world of film work.
The material during the three years remains the same as the research topics change according to each university professor.

The student is given a wide knowledge of cinema and media which allows them to be able to present a master as a researcher and then apply for a doctorate. Students can also present a master as a director (master création). Or like many students, you can start working after, doing the internship that is mandatory from the second year of the school.

This job can be:

– A photographer, a camera assistant, a voice assistant…
– Post-Photography (Post-production): and montage of audio and photo.
– Working on TV channels that are large in France (technical or office)
– Film production companies.
– At a movie show (Projectionniste)
– Technical work in theatres (Lighting, sound, and image).

After the internship, students either sign a contract with the company and stop at the bachelor’s, or the company accepts that they work as a master and study master during their work.

Master :

A few universities that offer master création in Paris including Paris 8. Every year, 60 people are accepted after studying their file, which must contain a project for a film. If the student is accepted, he is accompanied by a university professor (project official) during the two years of study with the aim of writing the script and directing his film. In addition to working on short films to practice and learn about cinema career more professionally. Of course, it is not without theoretical lessons that aim to link the process with the theories of cinema.

There is also a similar master’s presented by the University of Paris 1 under the title master scénario réalisation production. For the master recherche, the application is similar. The student is presenting a master letter with a detailed explanation of their project. In two years, the student studies in theory and completes his master letter.

In addition to Paris 8, the University of Paris 3 is one of the most important universities in the field of film (research) as a result of having a teaching staff of great cinema.

Paris 8 offers a third diploma in the field of cinema (Master valorisation des patrimoines et audiovisuels), especially on the study of the film archive, working on the conservation, restoration, and publishing of film, audio, and visual works in cinemas, laboratories, museums, and film distribution companies. The student is allowed to acquire the ability to work on the film archive: Indexing, filing, restoring, and legal questions. A very fun study for those who are excited and interested in film research, this job offers an opportunity to travel and explore the archive and work with museums and cinema libraries in France and the world.

Note: The student is only entitled to study masters (Master création et master recherche) if the university is approved.

Paris 8 is also open to the student not only studying cinema, but also other specialties such as dance, theatre, music, and philosophy. There are also grants available for students who take classes in these fields and work on different projects. In addition, many language courses are taught by choice (English, French, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Japanese…)

If you have any questions, please put them in a comment so everyone can benefit from the answer!

Link to a French website with information on cinema studies in France, with lists of university names and addresses.

Link to the website for Paris 8.

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