Nursing studies


The studies to become a nurse are done in a Nursing Training Institute (IFSI). They last 3 years and end with the State Diploma of Nursing (DEI) which is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. To obtain the DEI, it is necessary to validate all the Teaching Units (UE): theoretical knowledge, practical and clinical knowledge learned through internships in medical structures, and a Graduation Work (Travail de Fin d’Études – TFE) validated by a jury, on a clinical subject of your choice.

How to access nursing studies?

The training is accessible with a baccalauréat. Whatever your administrative status, you must go through the Parcoursup platform.

What if I already have a nursing diploma?

Foreign nursing diplomas are not recognized in France. You have to go to a Nursing Training Institute to evaluate your skills. You can then be exempted from certain teaching units and complete your training and complete the End-of-Study Work to obtain the State Diploma in Nursing.

Where to find information and testimonials?

The website offers all the necessary information with testimonials from IFSI students, help with the courses, explanations on the End of Studies Work, etc.