The University of Orleans announces the diploma Passerelle 2021-2022 (DUP)

Passerelle FLE  (DUP): Passerelle University Diploma for students in exile


The “DU Passerelle FLE – Students in exile” is a course offered by the IDF since January 2020 and intended for any student in exile (asylum seeker, a beneficiary of subsidiary protection, or refugee).

The objective of this course is :

  • To enable students in a migratory situation to acquire an autonomous level in the French language to integrate a Bachelor/Master/Doctorate type course with the acquisition of intercultural skills allowing them to master the codes of the French university system,
  • To accompany students in the construction of their academic and professional projects.

Cultural activities, orientation support, university integration, and socio-professional integration are also offered.

From level B2, students can follow a specialization course in the component of their choice.

Duration: each DUP lasts 1 semester (12 weeks).

Number of students per class: 10 to 20 students

Rate: from 222 to 254 hours per semester depending on the level, i.e., between 18 and 20 hours per week.


The course is offered for 4 levels: A2, B1, B2, and C1. Students, provided they pass the exams, can validate one level per semester and obtain a diploma from the University of Orleans (DU).

Each course is composed of a common core with the DUEF and a specific integration and orientation program.


Course reserved for people with the status of an asylum seeker, refugee, or beneficiary of subsidiary protection.

Prerequisites :

  • To hold in one’s country of origin a level equivalent to the baccalauréat or a certificate of completion of secondary education.
  • Not having French as a mother tongue or as a language of schooling.
  • Proof of an A1 level acquired for the start of the school year in September or an A2 level acquired for the start of the school year in January.

If the pre-requisites are met, each student must complete an application form.


Deadline for submission of the application form :

  • To start in September 2021, May 15, 2021
  • To start in January 2022, October 15, 2021

Course period :

  • Semester 1: September to December
  • Semester 2: January to April


The representative of students in exile for the University of Orleans, Nina RENDULIC:

School at the French Institute: